From Project Location to Well-being Programs

ROI brings together industry researchers, retail and wellness design practitioners, along with the general public to exchange knowledge about design and development for well-being and inspiration.  Design in this sense can cover pre-opening / renovation of location, customized wellness environments for retail areas, fitness, spas, workplace and home.  

Well-being programs for employees, executive teams, as well as clients can bring extensive benefits to the challenges of health, well-being and happiness.  ROI has interest in advancing knowledge with the development and application of design research to improve the personal, societal health and well-being of people today.  Implementing programs to improve company culture and productivity is the key component to growth and revenue for tomorrow.

ROI design and development for spas, retail spaces, fitness centers, wellness centers:

  • Pre opening/Renovations: Project management

Concept and brand identity

  • Graphic design: Development of CIM

  • Physical floor plan: Design renderings

  • Project management of architectural firm:  Install contracting agencies (post bid)

  • Spec & procurement of FF&E

  • Design & procurement: Custom wellness equipment and user experiences

Design and development: for well-being solutions for cross-sector corporations and workplaces.

  • Customized workplace: Well-being programming and engagement solutions of all sizes 

  • Physical floor plan: Design renderings

  • Experiential Engagement: Developing customized user mapping for the (what, why, how) to be understood both in an employees career and life; increasing productivity, employee morale, and overall well-being through engagement in nutrition, fitness, and mind-body-spirit programming, and customized in-office "me time" touchdown zones. Well-being engagement mapping can be as simple as offerings or as detailed as connective to ones field of work or even ones work tasks of a given day.

Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.