Revenue comes from inspiration.  

ROI assists from point A to point Z with your sales business plan. We establish an inspirational, team-driven environment which motivates and empowers members to excel, both as individuals and as a group. When everyone helps each other and grows together, a domino effect is created where people achieve the best possible results for the company. 

Our solutions for your maximum ROI include:

  • Innovative business thinking: Examining existing business methods and improving on them through creativity, gratitude and strong involvement.
  • Hiring: Ad placements, interviewing, hiring and training top industry candidates.
  • Wellness brand training program: Five to 10-day program which covers:

Finding prospects/identifying decision makers to boost your data base

Transforming leads into prime opportunities

Scheduling, creating, preparing for and following up after an unforgettable,
customized presentation

Converting relationships into accounts in less time

Trade shows and events--what to do before and after to maximize results

Creating a true partnership between the brand and the spa!

Increasing revenue with current key accounts-the ones that "pay the bills"-year after year

Individualized AE support: Personal calls to assess each team member’s needs, resulting in customized trainings for finding new business or growing existing accounts.

  • Team/Group-education for AEs: Including business training on prospecting, cold-calling, meet-and-greets, opening an account, follow-through, train the trainer, role playing and more.
  • Assistance with sales team development at every level: From establishing new territories and nurturing existing accounts, to exceeding sales goals, collaborating with AEs on top-level accounts, joining important sales calls, and everything in between.
  • Sales staff incentives and events to motivate and spike revenues.
  • Trade shows/industry events: Prep through post-work guidance to ensure excellent execution.
  • Marketing/Promotions: Annual marketing calendars lasering in on what works best for your specific market.
  • Protocols for profit: Fine-tuning new and existing protocols, cost per treatments, training materials, training programs and more.
  • Forecasting/New product launches: What and when to launch.
  • Operations: Ideas for improvement, and how to implement them, for an A+ customer service call center.
  • Advertising: Where to place your adverting dollars for the best ROI.

If you don’t see what you need listed here, please ask us!  We’ll find you someone outside of our company who can assist you.