I don't love it because I sell it, I sell it because I LOVE IT!

ROI leaders aim to surpass and excel all business fundamentals for your spa team. We create custom training programs to coach and nurture retail sales support. We also aid in organizing a new business structure for your treatment-to-retail component with goal expectations; this will in turn increase retail and service revenue. Sales is NOT about “hard selling” the client. It’s about showing the team that "suggestive selling” is a part of everyone’s job description. Finding a solution to the client's concern is what being an esthetician, massage therapist, front desk staff, retail associate and spa manager is all about.

Our solutions for your maximum ROI include:

  • Review/Assess current retail brands: Are the brands increasing in revenue year after year? Do the brands match your spa/retail concept? How is the support? How do your clients like the treatments/take-home care? Is there enough newness? AND the most important question: How are your team members loving the brand? Full sales review of each brand with feedback and suggestions on all avenues are reported.
  • Analysis of retail brands: Suggestions based on your market and the “needs” of your clients. Negotiation for greater value in contracts with your existing brands.
  • Assist with hiring team members: Ad placements, interviewing, hiring and sales training for top industry candidates.
  • Service-to-retail training program: From one hour up to a five-day program which covers:

Product and service knowledge

Extraordinary guest experience with each product/protocol

Retail brand positioning within each service

Suggestive Retail Selling 101, two-part program (therapists/receptionists)

Selling services, spa memberships, referral programs and add-ons, two-part program (therapists/receptionists)

6-Star customer service to greatly increase retention rate

Attract more local clients

Sales goals/team incentive plans

  • Complete group/team-building support: Building morale, strengthen the culture, create positive energy which carries right over to the guest experience. 
  • Essential on-going training: Inspires, motivates and keeps everyone on-point with their goals.
  • Measure the results: What’s working, what’s not, adjust accordingly.
  • Marketing/Promotions/Seasonal: What works best for your market with yearly marketing calendars.
  • Education/Protocols: New or existing on-boarding training materials and programs customized for the needs of your business.
  • Advertising: Where to place your adverting dollars for the best ROI.

If you don’t see what you need listed here, please ask us! We’ll find you someone outside of our company who can assist you.