Revenue comes from inspiration. ROI establishes an inspirational, team-driven environment which motivates and empowers members to excel, both as individuals and as a group. When everyone helps each other and grows together, a domino effect is created where people achieve the best possible results for the company. Our solutions for your maximum ROI include:

  •  Thinking outside-of-the-box: Using creativity to grow income; looking at existing methods and improving on them through gratitude and involvement.
  • Hiring: Ad placements, interviewing and hiring the top candidates.
  • Business 101 Training Program for new hires: One-week program which covers:

 How to find prospects (social media, LinkedIn, etc.)

The best way to build prospect lists and opportunities.

Dissecting the territory, focusing on backyard and bigger cities, determining top spas in the region and what brands they carry, what services are offered, etc.

 How to do R&D; identifying the decision-makers and creating a database.

How to attack accounts and make a lasting and unique impression with meetings, proper follow-up and homework.

  • Continued on-boarding of new team members with guidance on:

How to build an opportunity list from scratch.

Trade Shows: What to do before and afterward to maximize results.

Dos and don’ts of getting your client on the phone or meeting them in person:

How to make an impression in a small amount of time.

How to schedule and make a presentation.

How to prepare for, create a wow-factor and end a presentation with a business meeting.

How to pinpoint a client’s problem and offer a solution to it.

How to create a custom order for your client, based on needs
and budget.

How to present to different kinds of facilities (medispa, day spa, resort/destination spa, etc.)

How to “open” a sale. How to schedule an event and a training and speed-up the lead time.

  •  Individualized AE Support: Personal calls with each AE once per month, to assess each team member’s needs; create customized trainings for prospecting new business or nurturing the growth of existing business.
  • Group Support for AEs: Including business training on prospecting, cold-calling, meet-and-greets, opening an account, follow-through and more.
  • Continue to assist with development of the US sales team in:

Reaching and exceeding sales goals.

Thinking innovatively.

Embracing company culture.

Assisting, tag-teaming and joining forces with team members to work larger accounts, including going on sales calls and executing trainings with AEs.

Building and following-through on opportunities; guidance on bringing leads through the pipeline.

Seeding a territory that needs assistance by creating a business action plan to grow new business, and forming higher-caliber partnerships.

Nurturing and growing existing accounts by exceeding their expectations; identifying which ones will give you your money back for your time.

Dealing with new spa directors or difficult personalities.

  • Assisting in ideas for sales staff incentives and events to motivate and spike revenues.
  • Trade Shows/Industry Events: Prep and post-work guidance, making sure the event is executed correctly.