A Place to Bring Wellness Brands & Buyers Together



Market is a highly curated collection of clean beauty and wellness brands across 16 categories. Buyers from retail and apothecary establishments, spa directors, salon owners, and corporate buyers can conveniently review our exciting product mix with the help of our Market Team. Buyers value our years of expertise and the relationships that we have built to recommend specific brands that will be best suited for their collections. We offer our 1800+ Buyers an array of services which include:

  • Access to our online platform 24/7 to review important product information, latest press, social media, protocols, and request samples for the perfect products.

  • Bi-monthly e-newsletters that support our platform to build greater exposure.

  • Market catalog that puts innovative products at their fingertips.

  • Concierge Program that allows buyers to request presentations calls and webinars from our trained and experienced sales team.

  • Buyer Beauty Box: Buyers can take part in a quarterly program where they pick brands to review once a quarter.   

Clean beauty and wellness brands are being reviewed by buyers they may not normally have the opportunity to present to. Brands don’t always have the time to find brands that will make the best match - Market brings everyone together.


We wanted to find a solution to a need! Our expertise stems from many years of successfully connecting buyers with unique clean beauty and wellness brands. Buyers want very specific information when vetting their brands which takes lots of time and energy to retrieve. By working closely with top industry buyers and product lines, we created a solution to help brands get in front of buyers with ease. At the same time, our concierge service allows the buyer to use the services that we offer at anytime. We’re only a phone call or an email away to support their efforts. We approach each buyer by listening to their needs, not pushing one brand over another, and remaining neutral at all times so buyers do not feel they are being sold to. True support on every level.

Working with ROI has really taken our business to the next level. Gina and her team have nurtured and guided us to the finish line of many incredible retail partnerships with efficiency, timeliness, and always a smile. They are so passionate about their clients and vendors, this industry, and creating lasting business partnerships - and it shows. I have no doubt that Market will be another successful addition to the powerful retail framework that ROI has established.


"I just wanted to share a quick note to let you know how great you have been to work with! Your dedication to my brand and it's success has exceeded my expectations .  You've really gone above and beyond and your expertise in the industry is priceless!  I am so glad I joined and can not wait to see what the future has in store for us! Thanks, guys!”

What a breath of fresh air Market is, not only is it affordable and great buyers but you also have one of the beauty industry leaders helping you along the way. I have learned more from Gina In a couple of conversations than I have from any other source.