Tis the Season…

“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our Thanksgiving.”

-- W.T. Purkiser

Happy November!!!  

As we look back at October, ISPA was a wonderful reunion!  (This was Gina’s 11th year).  Erin and I spent time with many amazing industry leaders.  Leaders (from all positions, all spas, all brands, and all areas of the globe) who care deeply about “making a difference” in our world today.  Going “above & beyond” to support everyone and anyone.  Working extra hard to “create an experience” for their guest / client.  Leading their teams by true appreciation when goals are reached.  Coaching with encouragement and strong tools when goals are not reached.  Being there for one another is what ISPA’s all about.  ROI is beyond grateful for attending and we all look forward to Phoenix 2018!

Thanksgiving is more like “Friendsgiving” to all of us at ROI.

Take a second to tell a co-worker, upper management, friend, family member, your spouse, how much they mean to you.  And why?  

I had a past employee reach out to me regarding a reference sent in for employment.  She decided to share why I meant a lot to her, for pushing her and demanding a lot from her when we worked together - how much respect she had for me, (I say for being a pain in her tush).  The “why” was there and that meant a lot!  It is something I will remember as long as I live.  It’s also something I will remember as I work with my new and current teams and all that we do.

If someone stands out to you - let them know!  Thanksgiving is about being grateful to those who make a difference in your life.  Who have you been waiting to reach out to???

We are also very excited to note the First Official “Spa Gang” meeting in Carlsbad CA on November 30th.  Leslie Johnson (Director of Spa, Omni La Costa). Traci Trezona (Director of Spa, Cal-A-Vie), and I will be in attendance.  More to join very soon!
For more information on our “Spa Gang” Initiative, please reach out to either Gina or Erin.


ISPA 2017

We had a blast!

ISPA never disappoints, such a beautiful event, each & every year! Next year… Look out Phoenix here we come!