ROI & La Bella Donna - Join Forces to Help the Victims of the Las Vegas Shooting

All of us at ROI are getting last minute preparations ready for ISPA 2017 Las Vegas! We look forward to seeing everyone there! 

While this is an exciting time of year in our spa world, it is a very somber time for the rest of the world.  The events that happened a few weeks ago in Vegas will last in our memories for years to come. In an effort to do what we can, ROI will be joining forces with La Bella Donna in giving back to the Las Vegas Victim's Fund. A portion of the proceeds from any opening order will be donated to the fund & ROI will match that donation. We hope you will all join us to help this amazing, yet devasted community. Thoughts and prayers are important, but action is what makes the biggest difference and most impact.  We look forward to coming together in the next few days.  Safe travels to Las Vegas!